CVMF Donations

Inserv Pet Crematory is a proud supporter of the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Foundation. On behalf of those pet owners that have selected our Gold Remembrance Package through Connecticut veterinarians, we have made a donation to the CVMF in your pet's name.


We would like to express our deepest sympathy to all of those who            have lost a pet, and also recognize those who have made our

donations possible in April of 2017.

    Bailey “Lucy”

    Bauvi “Luna”

    Baylis “Lola”

    Berliner “Mindy”

    Biga “Maggie”

    Bike “Runt”

    Bilodeau “Bailey”

    Brandeis “Benjamin”

    Brownell “Sherman”

    Burgess “Boo”

    Casella “Martin”

    Clark “Max”

    Cordova “Deuce”

    Costa “Sugar Bear”

    Cutune “Enus”

    DiPierro “Whiskers”

    Doornweerd “Parker”

    Driscoll “Toby”

    Dudley “Dipstick”

    Duffy “Sandy”

    Dunne “Maggie”

    Emott “Wilbur”

    Epifano “Seven”

    Flaherty “Czech”

    Frango “Luca”

    George “Teddy”

    Greco “Loki”

    Green “Blaine”

    Green “Ragtime”

    Gross “Kitten”

    Guillemette “Ben”

    Guitard “Tweety”

    Harrington “Chloe”

    Hartigan “Lucy”

    Heassner “Toby”

    Keating “Peggy”

    Kiernan “Angus”

    King “Bala”

    Kirkby “Metilda”

    Lingley “Sammy”

    Macchia “Tyro”

    Mackiewicz “Meatball”

    Miller “Ben”

    Morris “Buddy”

    Nicol “Esmerelda”

    O’Brien “Flower”

    O’Brien “Lulu”

    O”Brien “Pink”

    Palmberg “Sophie”

    Pennell “Nosey”

    Pierson “Bailey”

    Procaccini “Brady”

    Romano “Pat”

    Rubenstein “Gypsy”

    Rudman “Lucky”

    Sachetti “Percy”

    Santos “Simon”

    Sapp “Mabel”

    Savage “Jackson”

    Scott “Savannah”

    Sedor “Sheldon”

    Silver “Caesar”

    Smith “Emily”

    Stolinas “Timmy”

    Strong “Louis”

    Theriaque “ChiChi”

    Tormondsen “Pal”

    Trull “Hunter”

    Ungerer “Sarah”

    Vantass “Chloe”

    Walker “Luke”

    Whitmer “Raisin”

    Wilkes “Milo”

    Williams “Sophie”

    Zimboski “Fraiser”

    Zimmerman “Mini Me”